Saturday, 1 August 2015


Assalamualaikum guys, how are you guys??

         Today I want to write my blog, actually this is my fourth blog, I hope you enjoy it. I’m want to tell you about Pyhotoscince.

You know what is pyhtoscience means?? This is a business who the company create 62 people milliner in 2 years and half. This company was established in MaLaysia on September 2012. You know who is the founded on this company?? The founded in this company is Dato seri Lai Teck Peng, for me he’s is the billioner.

Okay, one day Putra told me he’s doing a business, before that you know Putra right?? I was telling about him at my second blog, but I don’t tell you he’s doing a business. hahaha.. Now, I tell you that he doing a business pyhtoscience. He ask me to join a business not me only, Hamzah to join this business he become my partner in this business. Putra ask me do you want to make a money? I said yes of course everyone want to make money to make easier to the future.

He tell me everything how, when, where about phytoscience everthing is phytoscience. Putra said we are student we use PTPTN to study we use that kind of money to study but he want to take mentality of student that have a way to find a money when you are study in IPTA or IPTS. Putra always said this is the way to find a money “PHYTOSCIENCE”. But totally don’t believe this kind of business because all people scare to join this business because scare to be cheated. Why I join this business?? Because I don’t want to make trouble anymore to my parents, I don’t use PTPTN, cause I afraid to pay back the money. One more thing maybe this way can make me to take any risk and maybe this is my future in business.

You know Syahmi, he was 19 years old same age like me but when he get into this business he get a lot of money but he’s only 19. He have a car Nissan Fairlady in 3 moths only. You think in 3 months he can a car just join this business?? Can you imagine that?? But this business now days about phytoscience have been viral because many students in IPTA or IPTS join this business. Who is not join this business come to join us. It’s not too late, come join us to do a business about phtoscience. If you interested call my number phone 012-3442313 or you whatassp me.

Simple picture that I take :D

   If you join any business the most important thing, there have 4 step. 

There is D.U.I.T :-

D for DOA.

U for USAHA.



Don't forget this 4 step.

This is the product that we sell :-

That’s all from today, I’m do a business right now and I’m study, I do 2 work at one time. If I can, maybe you can do a work 5 time at one time. You know what I mean. I hope you enjoy read my blog. I hope you keep telling about this business to your friend who want to join me contact us.

I hope we can keep touch every day in my blog. Assalamualaikum.
RAYA 2015

Assalamualaikum guys, hahaha we meet again I can’t believe that I love to write this blog a lot. So this is my blog. I hope you enjoy when you read.

Raya is the one of muslim like it because when we child we can get the duit raya. :D but when I’m grow up I think is Raya is one family go to see another family to meet and spend time together. We meet at one place that call ‘kampung’. At that time everyone will cry because of what? Because everybody forgiving each other not in Hari Raya only but our people nowdays doing at Hari Raya only, I hope our people realize that forgiving not in Hari Raya only. In Hari Raya everyone thankful to ALLAH S.W.T because can celebrate raya together. Most every family have a theme colour of hari raya like blue, red and much more, but in my family don’t have a theme, hehehe, because we celebrate hari raya it will be like ‘santai’ you know what I mean right but my hari raya very happening although we don’t have a theme. But in our family like to take a picture, that the happy one because that’s is the only one we cannot but with money because that’s is we call memory.


At first hari raya, like always like another family we wake up early morning at subuh and thanks to ALLAH for give us life and can celebrate hari raya again at this year. At 7 a.m something like that we eat ‘ketupat rending sila nikmati haihh duit raya lupa diberi’..hahaha LOL that’s is the song of hari raya. After we eat the ketupat and much more, me and my father go to the mosque to solat hari raya, I wearing a jubbah and my father wear a baju melayu. After that,we back home and forgiving each other we sit at one place and forgiving. All my sister and me was crying when forgiving each other to my mother and my father because it’s was not very easy to forgiving. I’m was thankful to ALLAH because I can live and forgiving with my parents. It’s was great and we goes to my cousin after we done forgiving. Then, we take a picture together from formal to unformal. Hahaha

When we arrive at my cousin house at Banting, like always we ‘salam’ and get the duit raya, yahoo I was very happy that I can get duit raya again. I can’t believe it that I get the duit raya because I thing that I cannot get anymore duit raya because of my age, hahahaha LoL. Actually,we not doing anthing at all, Then I get out my camera, my cousin become crazy like hysteria, she love to take a picture, and she a woman not a girl. We take a picture, we communicate we each other, playing games, we laughing and much more fun activities.

At night, my family go to my cousin house again and do you want to know? Really? My cousin make the lemang, WAH!! I don’t believe that my cousin can do that and the lemang was very great, YA ALLAH you cannot imagine that and we eat with rending daging, NYUM NYUMM!! The taste was great very great because we get the original one like people always said “TERBAIK DARI LADANG” hahahaha.. i don’t have any picture but you can imagine that but that’s is my memory..hehehe you can the memory too. Haa!! One more thing I forgot to tell you guys that I eat that DURIAN..huu because my cousin have a dusun durian we eat like we forget about the world because it’s so original taste we get Musang King durian. If you to buy it’s to expensive but I get free don’t be jealous at me :P but I don’t have any picture too. This year we don’t play the “bunga api” or something else we just having the guest like always my cousin come to my home and give duit raya again. I be a rich man in one day hahahaha :D . Come to my house because my house your house to the door is always open for you guys J hahahaha if you know where is my house.

Hari raya next year I hope can I can make my father laugh, smile again.. It’s hard to say why, when this raya it cannot be like hari raya last year. When this raya my father not very happy like always because my father always think about his mother it’s my grandmother, but I wish I can get my baba smile again iknow it’s hard but I try I do my best, I wish I could.

This is raya for me, this is the picture when I going to be crazy :D


That’s the hari raya for me and for you all who read my blog. One more important thing that please appreciate your family and respect each other. Celebrate your hari raya with your full happiness don’t waste your time to play the phone or fighting or other else, if you fighting with your sister and brother with anybody else just forgiving them all this is hari raya just enjoy your hari raya because our prophet Muhammad S.A.W always forgiving his ummat.

Okay, till next time we meet at my blog, I hope you enjoy it my blog okay J

Good bye :D

Saturday, 18 July 2015

My friend until my last breath :)

Assalamualaikum guys :) We meet again.

           At my second blog, I want to tell about my crazy friend HAHAHA :D

My best friend that always be with me when i first at Melaka until now i hope until the end with be together. I have a lot of friend but that be crazy with me have 6 that always be besides me have 5 boys and 1 girls. :) Don't worry that girl is not my girlfriend..hehehehe..Please this is 2015 don't make girlfriend marry her HAHAHA LOL..

            I'm introduce one by one. Firstly, Ameerul Azwan Putra bin Naaim yazid, i call him Putra not Putra al-Haj or what but Putra LOL .. for me i consider him as my elder's brother because i don't have a brother because of that i consider him as my brother. Putra help me a lot when hard putra always help me like others.

            Secondly is Syairazmin Azril bin Alias, i call him min this my second brother that always be crazy with others but he is okay with everyone. We have same goals to reach a body like Chris Evans. I Hope one day we all get the same body like Chris Evans.

            Thirdly is Muhammad Hamzah bin Rodzli, i call him Am he is the one who introduce me to all of them that be part of my life but Am who the close one with me. He is the first best friend with me at Uitm. I'm glad he is the one who with me. We tell each other story to know each other story.

            Beside, I have friend the most handsome is Muhammad Irfan Hakin bin Mahyuddin. I call him ipan. When we go outside he is the most one when girl see him the girl one to know him, to meet him HAHAHA the girl sadi that guy is so handsome.

           Then, is Haniff Harussani. This guy is very cute when he get mad HAHAHA i call him anip. If you meet him try to made he angry. He will be the most cutest one when he mad but i like to friend with him because of the kindnest on him.

          The last is all about the girl Nur Azzyati binti Ghazali. I call her azie. I consider her as my youngest sister. She so kind and kind HAHAHA but when she got's problem all of 6 will cover her problems. She have to thankful to ALLAH because she get a kind of friend that always be besides her.

           I get a lot memory with them because for me there always be part of my family. There is memory that i will never forget. I want this relationship until the end when we misunderstanding we always make a table talk and discuss with each other and the misunderstandimg is gone. And Putra always said with us 'Don't think a problem, Think the solution' and one more thing if there is your family remember this there always be your family and "Air yang dicincang tidak akan putus" always remember that :)

           I forgot when one of us reach the birthday we make the prank. The prank was very bad but makes us cry, happpy and much more feelings. You can see the picture at instagram one of us intagram azrilalias, ifanhakim, haniffharussani, hamzah_rz but putra don't have a instagram.

This is my memory with them :) I miss them

This is I go Genting Hinglands and Port dickson with them.

This is time to go to Port Dickson :)

 There is four uf us in thi pic :) miss this memory i very enjoy when go out with them :)

                             This is the video : THE GREATEST HUMAN CANON BALL

This is time Birthday Putra prank :D
This is call prank 

This time we doing work out together 
it' call human tower

All this picture and video was taken by iphone :)

Okay guys, that's all from me today. Until we meet again at my next blog.

My Life 

Bismillahirahmannirahim.....Assalamualaikum dunia :D

I'm a new blogger here.

             Firstly, I'm introduce my self, My nama is Azraai bin Anuar, 19, Selangor. My name was very short like my family's name but my family's was very unique because all my family's name start from a letter 'A' . My father's name Anuar mohd yusof, my mom's name Ainon mat, elder sister's Akidah, second sister's Atasya, Me Azraai, my sister Ainina, and the last one Adilah. I only a boy in this family my siblings all girls.


             Okay, I want to tell you about my ambition, I want to be a pilot until my age was 16 but i don't have enough money when i was check the subscription in the internet the lowest subscription at philpines about RM 200,000 and something. That's my first ambition but don't worry i have second ambition is I want to be a policeman beacuse i want to be a policeman when i was school i'm active with police cadet. I been prometed Si cadet in Police Officer at IPD BANTING,KUALA LANGAT. I think i can continue it but my father's said to me extend to futher study to get diploma to get a better position in Police Deparment.

    This is my memory in police cadet, I been selected to join Selangor team's in Police cadet. We get number 3 in Malaysia. I never been forget about this. :)

              Then, I went to study at Uitm Lendu, Alor Gajah, Melaka. Alhamdulillah i got at my sister place, Atasya but my sister had to move at Tapah,Perak because their course not longer at Melaka anymore. Course that i get at here is Dip In New Media Communication And Contentpreneurship. That's is a new course in Uitm but i the second batch that get the new course. At here, i get class MC 111 3C that's is my class, and at that class i get a crazy friends like me. I love been at here for one and half year that i standing right here to learn something new i get it friends is everything nothing left behind remember that :) .


   This is my class MC 111 3C, I love them a lot because there all is my family. We are family



              That's all about me, if you want to know more about me check my twitter @rai_kun96 and my instagram to know where am i and what i'm doing ..

This is me :-

Assalamualaikum guys :D